Jesus Peace…

Image   I decide I’d write this little piece about Jesus, for a bit of clarification, since I’ve been seeing people so into worshiping Jesus that they forget Jesus is not God, but is God by the same token you and I are of God.. He was a messenger as we are all, but remembered as the greatest or among the greatest to some for his works.. And as messengers do, they come and are with us for a season and they go away, but its God who is with you always..

First if you will note, although I’m not sure the Bible tells you that Jesus Did Not leave any writings behind on purpose, and only took to sharing his parable written in the sand because he essentially Was Not trying to foster a whole new religion.. He was actually trying to show people that they didn’t need religion, only their spirituality to realize God many blessings on earth… Jesus was a messenger just as Gandhi, Muhammad, Malcolm, and Martin were.. He came to bring a message of peace, that God has been trying to send to the people of earth since the beginning, and we’ve killed everyone instead of embracing their truth.. then we worship their martyred spirits.. when the objective is to stop killing them and catch the concept of the kingdom of heaven they’ve all been trying to help us believe in being.. Jesus left no books or words other than what people have paraphrased as his words.. He told you he was not unique, and that more would come along doing greater works than he.. And when he said he was the son of God he was trying to make us aware that technically we are all sons on God, yes even the woman, now remember she is a part of man, who was made into two being after God saw it wasn’t cool for man to be alone.. so when he speaks of sons, it includes his daughters too..  Another point is.. God has never required the spilling of blood for sins, God never told you that you were in sin and needed to repent.. men did.. And men are the ones that say God requires blood and spills it In His name for atonement of sin.. and when Jesus came on the scene his aim was to do away with all the blood letting in God’s name so out of love he sacrificed himself under the pretenses that his blood would be enough to cover all sins forever.. But what kind of God do you really think God would be to requires the suffering and killing of his own son, for your sins… honestly that’s not even logical.. I think people need to be mindful that the devil is also operating in the Bible as well.. some things that were done in the Bible were of the devil, and God simply intervenes.. Because I still don’t think God tried Jacob by telling him to kill his son, and then turns around and says, oh that’s alright, I just wanted to see if you’d be faithful.. Honey, God is not petty like that, and if anything God sent and angel to stop him because he was being sorely misled by an unction that wasn’t from God… We have had many to bring the same message that Jesus brought and it was not received just as Jesus’s message was not received properly.. if it had been , we would not have crucified him.. He was gifted and could see the future and tried to tell us of the error we were making, but we took it as his must be destiny.. and still did it anyway instead taking heed of the core meaning of his message… Now close your eyes and imagine you standing before God covered in Jesus’s blood.. you look like a killer baby.. and there is nothing glorious about that to me… and that’s a conundrum, washing a robe in blood does not make it white as snow, its stained beyond repair actually, but you can flip it over and make it work spiritually.. it doesn’t for me.. no, my robe is gonna be clean, and I’ma be like yeah Jesus, they did it and not me.. see them covered in your blood, the sinful and guilty are speaking  for themselves.. I understood Jesus’s message and would never had taken part in his persecution and crucifixion I don’t care what any of you say.. I’m responsible for this soul and its not playing follow the leader on something I know my heart does not agree with.. And some part of Christianity really offends your sensibilities, honestly.. and I don’t care cuz Jesus wasn’t a christian, didn’t read the bible, and after a boy, he didn’t attend churches very much either.. so you are doing essentially what the Sadduces and the pharisees  said you should do to honor him after having a good time getting rid of their opposition.. And on top of that, If there is an anti Christ, he’s isn’t gonna be nothing nice and is coming for you that are pleading the blood of Jesus.. who else would he be looking for logically.. and you got to not be thinking for yourself to embrace a religious belief with so many holes and gaps in explanations and concepts.. and people that hated and persecuted you in pretty much the same way Jesus was, embraced this religion and passed it on to you while in slavery and you fail to realize the sharing of it was more about keeping you in spiritual bondage and not the least about setting you free.. note the cunning use of lords and masters… what we called our slave owners, and if you don’t find that peculiar.. Jesus was a beautiful being that came to show us the way.. but is being used sorely to mislead people an keep them in bondage to masters, rulers, religious leaders and such.. Not to mention that Jesus was black okay, but his color changed to suite those that held us in bondage.. and with his color turning to white, they also set his divinity higher than others because they were attempting to glorify their race of people.. They are the adversaries the bible also warns of us a well.. and its very obvious because no other race has done so much harm to others in the name of so called good.. Be smart people, know your God, and thyself.. and stop being like sheep led to slaughter and sacrificing all our young black men to their systems under this Jesus paradigm they’ve set up, like we’re going to be blessed for turning our back on our young folks cuz their law books say they are criminals.. Honestly what to do expect for an adversarial people to do but mislead, deceive and make every attempt to destroy you and demean you in the eyes of God.. But it is a truly good thing that God is not mocked and in the end if we hold fast, we will see that we are not going to continue to be either.. There will be no peace until the adversarial people are taken away.. so careful who you get caught up with.. they may not be heaven sent but sent by the adversarial one and hell bound, he(the spirit of fear/the devil.. one in the same) does have to have a people to dwell in as well.. and its obvious who. for their inability to cohabitate peacefully with others without trying to own and control them.. But their destruction is not in our hands, they are going to hell for their sins, and may need Jesus blood to atone for their sins for slavery, and that’s cause the opened up the gates by partaking in slavery, so they are going to hell to reap where such atrocities are wrought, not we, unless you just wanna go with them..we know what it means to suffer at the hands of others and have no desire to perpetuate that towards another.. we are meek, and we shall inhabit the earth for it.. so lets all pull together and start loving one another and observe who the last days on earth are for.. and watch them get whats coming to them while, we stay the chosen.. for our ability to go through tremendous struggles and persecution and still flourish and be forgiving as our brother Jesus was We are forever thankful for his example of meekness as it keeps us.. For we’re a chosen people mightily blessed by God to still be as Abraham’s sons, as numerous as the stars… no matter how many of us have died at their hands.. but Still we rise. in my Mya Angelou voice..


Some relationships…

Sometimes we make the mistake of looking at other people’s relationships and making them the standard by which we measure our own; and that’s something that we should never do as a single person or in a relationship. First you are on the outside looking in and you can’t see the whole picture.. And second, you don’t know what they been through to get to where they are or if you’d be willing to go thru those things too.. I met this couple thru my workplace once. They seemed so in the love and I said to myself, mmm, I wanna love like that. She befriends me and when I get to know them, I found out she only went out of her way to befriend me because they were swingers and her husband wanted to sleep with me. Now here is where it gets even more fucked up, they both were HIV+ and his was full blown. And dude had a nerve to get an attitude when I of course expressed no fucking interest in swinging with two sick bitches.. So I’m like God(ok, I’m gonna cuss, smoke, and talk to and about God.. If you don’t like, then my blog is not for your heavenly minded that you’re no earthly good ass) why do you put people in my path like this.. He tells me to meet a need I requested assistance with and that I had to know why they were put in my life for the time being and what they were not put there for and unless I wanted HIV, they were not put in my life for me to be sexually interacting with. So eventually they stopped liking me and doing the favor God had put them there for and it’s was okay, I didn’t need it anymore. But still I felt bad that they would want to do that to me and basically get mad because I wasn’t foolish enough to go there. And I thought it was sad that they ended up that way because she refused to give him any boundaries from the beginning.. Thus, I’ve learned to not judge a relationship book by its cover.. Or envy women that have a lot of men.. Cuz lots of men always run behind a trifling and or weak woman, cuz they like no frills on the commitments or benefits.. And most men never mind sharing, long as they getting what the other dude is getting too. And only a weak and trifling woman is gonna try and be like a dude and do everything he does so she can say she doesn’t care if he cheats cuz she’s getting hers too. That’s just stupid and why even be in a relationship cuz at the end of y’all journey together the only thing y’all are going to have in common is a disease. Now don’t be envying or praying for the kind of man or woman somebody else has, cuz they may not be all they seem to be on the exterior… And you may be quite appalled when you get to know them for who they really are.

Dysfunctional generosity

Family will teach you about being used far more faster than friends and acquaintances.. Actually family will set up the paradigm for you to be used by others. When you’re loyal to a family that’s not loyal to you it leaves you believing that’s the norm. And you get into giving to people that don’t give back to you cuz you been taught to give with no expectations(which is only what you’re told when you’re giving into something or someone that doesn’t plan on personally reciprocating it, and hopes you believe God’ll pick up their tab) and you’ll meet many users, and probably be used all the days of your life if God doesn’t see fit to intervene.. Plus, you don’t love yourself if you allow it. The good book says love thy neighbor as thyself, not more.. So if you give or do and don’t expect, tell me what the hell are you sowing for..

Don’t ask if you have a problem with reciprocity

Why do begging men complain about begging women. Cuz I’ve never met a man that called himself interested in me who didn’t want me to give or do something for him off rip, And now a days their first request is a flick pic. But if you ask him what he’s gonna give you.. Houston, we have a problem..
He wants you to show him he’s special by doing things for him, but you’re only special and real if you’re lame enough not to ask for anything in return.. But that’s how you know he is special, is when he invests before he asks you for something. Cuz ones that’s complaining about your asking when he initiated the “beg process” probably don’t want you and is looking for a free hump anyway. And women tend to ask for money to buy things she wants, cuz unlike men, women’s mind aren’t stuck in a sexual gutter and don’t want no dick pics and all that type of crap. We just want Victoria’s Secret money to look and smell good whilst we put up with men’s shit.. Ijs.

You are not meant to connect sexually and intimately with every person you meet. If you run into a lot of people that are not right for you, that is normal. What’s not normal is having relationship with everyone you meet as if they are the right person.

A more Conscious “me” in 2013..

I thought I’d start my blog off today, Felisa(winking on that pinky swear).. Beginning at the beginning. I still have a lot the learn about blogging, but  figured we’d embark on this learning experience together.. To me, the goal is simply becoming conscious in our thought and actions.. but they kinda go hand in hand.. you can’t invoke one without the other coming to be as well.. And the first and hardest thing is becoming conscious of oneself, which usually requires devoted quiet times, meditation or seeing a therapist.. people use them to become conscious or aware of the things they do unconsciously that are not good for them..(why do I bite my nails, I don’t like to be touched, I’m afraid of…, and etc..)  But the thing for us, is simply acknowledging that there is an unconscious side of us working to do what ever it is we putting in, be it consciously, or not.. You have to first grasp a hold of the reality of that, that same spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwells in you.. and you have to honor it inwardly, just as sure as you raise your hands to give God glory.. And if you don’t acknowledge or become conscious of its need for maintenance and creative input, owned self awareness.. someone will be conscious of your unconsciousness and put into your working unconscious what works for them instead of you.. and use it to their advantage.. rendering you a mental slave.. but when you’re conscious of yourself, your inner workings, why you do what you do?, why do you have the value system you have?, is it conducive to yourself and others?, why is your life progressing along the path it is?.. Answering all those questions are like inputting all the proper information into your navigation system(pretending you’re a car) to be sure you get where you’re trying to go and doing so by the safest and best route.. just simple logistics… Now imagine driving with your eyes closed and not knowing exactly where you’re going, with no directions, being the same as living without being Collectively Conscious…

Where to begin

Its funny when you have so much to say … but have the hardest time getting started… I have an opinion on everything.. so much so that its like I am always off on one deep thought or another… As some can say.. I can say that I truly live in my mind… I ponder things a lot and ask God lots of questions that He always answers one way or the other… and somtimes the answers are so extraordinary that I’m then afraid to share them… and I think God.. no one would ever believe the simple greatness of that explaination.. So I have come to learn that most knowledge God gives you is for you personally… everybody’s heart is not prepped to receive certain truths.. and only God can prep the heart for revelation knowledge… so knowing God and the things of Him is truly a personal journey… honestly … that no one but God… in the form of the Spirit can accompany you in… And my ideas of existence are so grand.. its has to be other worldly… Like when I see so many church buildings… I am unhappy.. because I believe our place of worship should have much more of a symbolic meaning… I think there should only be One Temple of worship for All of us.. One Temple the size of a city… to hold millions of worshippers.. that travel to the temple periodically for worship as well as significant days of celebration… then all you need your bible and you turn to the direction of the temple in your prayers or you look to heaven… but all these little churches divided and essentially at odds with each other religiously… was not what was intended… and a storefront church.. and old buildings turned into places of worship are more about collecting tithes than worshipping God… and I want my place of worship to truly have some significance… to have traditional meaning.. and a historical background… A place of worship like a city of lights on a hill… Somewhere God would feel honored to fill with His presence… and from genesis.. we know God liked to walk in the garden in the cool of the day… therefore it should include gardens like no man has seen.. in beauty and eloquence… just in cases He so chooses to take a walk on earth in the cool of the day again… and I think its a bit disrespetful now.. the crap they throw up or together and call them houses of the Lord… are you kidding me… we simply need to be more reverent in our understanding of God… First of all He is not like man… and He is not for money making schemes or misleading others for personal gain… And I think we really need a overhaul on our beliefs in what is required to be a servant of the Lord… Sometimes I ask Him what was His intent for us… He says to watch you grow and evolve.. there is nothing I need of you.. I only desire your adoration… as I adore thee.. My true places of dwelling is in the recesses of your heart.. And He reminds me that He is like a body… the universe… and we are but pieces and parts of Him within His own spanse of being… so we essentially are never seperated from Him… there is only the illusion of it… But in essence He is never away… although sometimes our experiences tend to point to otherwise.. but it is all a part of a grand illusion… the one created to give us the seeming experience of being seperate from Him.. when in reality.. it really not possible to be “not apart” of Him.. He is the Is and the Is Not.. so He is you.. and your enemy.. if you catch my drift… Earth was suppose to be a place of eating dancing and worshiping… the place for  grand celebrations.. but we got here and screwed it all up… this was a paradise where no labor existed but by the time man was done… if a man doesn’t work he can’t eat now.. thats the illusion we chose to create not God… but again.. He allows the free will of all to experience what they so choose.. and on awhole.. this is what the world is choosing… a troubled world over paradise…

Purpose of my postings

Hello my name is Lisa… this is my first post on my first blog.. I decided to try blogging since I keep wanting to write a book, but I really haven’t found the discipline to do so.. and my point of views and thoughts are so random.. I’d think a book would be all over the place.. So I’m trying blogging to maybe help me get my thought organized… So I guess in essence.. I am writing to create a perspective picture of myself that I can stand back and objectively evaluate .. I’m interested to see the person that my thinking and experiences have created in me.. self realization…