Where to begin

Its funny when you have so much to say … but have the hardest time getting started… I have an opinion on everything.. so much so that its like I am always off on one deep thought or another… As some can say.. I can say that I truly live in my mind… I ponder things a lot and ask God lots of questions that He always answers one way or the other… and somtimes the answers are so extraordinary that I’m then afraid to share them… and I think God.. no one would ever believe the simple greatness of that explaination.. So I have come to learn that most knowledge God gives you is for you personally… everybody’s heart is not prepped to receive certain truths.. and only God can prep the heart for revelation knowledge… so knowing God and the things of Him is truly a personal journey… honestly … that no one but God… in the form of the Spirit can accompany you in… And my ideas of existence are so grand.. its has to be other worldly… Like when I see so many church buildings… I am unhappy.. because I believe our place of worship should have much more of a symbolic meaning… I think there should only be One Temple of worship for All of us.. One Temple the size of a city… to hold millions of worshippers.. that travel to the temple periodically for worship as well as significant days of celebration… then all you need your bible and you turn to the direction of the temple in your prayers or you look to heaven… but all these little churches divided and essentially at odds with each other religiously… was not what was intended… and a storefront church.. and old buildings turned into places of worship are more about collecting tithes than worshipping God… and I want my place of worship to truly have some significance… to have traditional meaning.. and a historical background… A place of worship like a city of lights on a hill… Somewhere God would feel honored to fill with His presence… and from genesis.. we know God liked to walk in the garden in the cool of the day… therefore it should include gardens like no man has seen.. in beauty and eloquence… just in cases He so chooses to take a walk on earth in the cool of the day again… and I think its a bit disrespetful now.. the crap they throw up or together and call them houses of the Lord… are you kidding me… we simply need to be more reverent in our understanding of God… First of all He is not like man… and He is not for money making schemes or misleading others for personal gain… And I think we really need a overhaul on our beliefs in what is required to be a servant of the Lord… Sometimes I ask Him what was His intent for us… He says to watch you grow and evolve.. there is nothing I need of you.. I only desire your adoration… as I adore thee.. My true places of dwelling is in the recesses of your heart.. And He reminds me that He is like a body… the universe… and we are but pieces and parts of Him within His own spanse of being… so we essentially are never seperated from Him… there is only the illusion of it… But in essence He is never away… although sometimes our experiences tend to point to otherwise.. but it is all a part of a grand illusion… the one created to give us the seeming experience of being seperate from Him.. when in reality.. it really not possible to be “not apart” of Him.. He is the Is and the Is Not.. so He is you.. and your enemy.. if you catch my drift… Earth was suppose to be a place of eating dancing and worshiping… the place for  grand celebrations.. but we got here and screwed it all up… this was a paradise where no labor existed but by the time man was done… if a man doesn’t work he can’t eat now.. thats the illusion we chose to create not God… but again.. He allows the free will of all to experience what they so choose.. and on awhole.. this is what the world is choosing… a troubled world over paradise…


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