A more Conscious “me” in 2013..

I thought I’d start my blog off today, Felisa(winking on that pinky swear).. Beginning at the beginning. I still have a lot the learn about blogging, but  figured we’d embark on this learning experience together.. To me, the goal is simply becoming conscious in our thought and actions.. but they kinda go hand in hand.. you can’t invoke one without the other coming to be as well.. And the first and hardest thing is becoming conscious of oneself, which usually requires devoted quiet times, meditation or seeing a therapist.. people use them to become conscious or aware of the things they do unconsciously that are not good for them..(why do I bite my nails, I don’t like to be touched, I’m afraid of…, and etc..)  But the thing for us, is simply acknowledging that there is an unconscious side of us working to do what ever it is we putting in, be it consciously, or not.. You have to first grasp a hold of the reality of that, that same spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwells in you.. and you have to honor it inwardly, just as sure as you raise your hands to give God glory.. And if you don’t acknowledge or become conscious of its need for maintenance and creative input, owned self awareness.. someone will be conscious of your unconsciousness and put into your working unconscious what works for them instead of you.. and use it to their advantage.. rendering you a mental slave.. but when you’re conscious of yourself, your inner workings, why you do what you do?, why do you have the value system you have?, is it conducive to yourself and others?, why is your life progressing along the path it is?.. Answering all those questions are like inputting all the proper information into your navigation system(pretending you’re a car) to be sure you get where you’re trying to go and doing so by the safest and best route.. just simple logistics… Now imagine driving with your eyes closed and not knowing exactly where you’re going, with no directions, being the same as living without being Collectively Conscious…


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