Don’t ask if you have a problem with reciprocity

Why do begging men complain about begging women. Cuz I’ve never met a man that called himself interested in me who didn’t want me to give or do something for him off rip, And now a days their first request is a flick pic. But if you ask him what he’s gonna give you.. Houston, we have a problem..
He wants you to show him he’s special by doing things for him, but you’re only special and real if you’re lame enough not to ask for anything in return.. But that’s how you know he is special, is when he invests before he asks you for something. Cuz ones that’s complaining about your asking when he initiated the “beg process” probably don’t want you and is looking for a free hump anyway. And women tend to ask for money to buy things she wants, cuz unlike men, women’s mind aren’t stuck in a sexual gutter and don’t want no dick pics and all that type of crap. We just want Victoria’s Secret money to look and smell good whilst we put up with men’s shit.. Ijs.


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