Dysfunctional generosity

Family will teach you about being used far more faster than friends and acquaintances.. Actually family will set up the paradigm for you to be used by others. When you’re loyal to a family that’s not loyal to you it leaves you believing that’s the norm. And you get into giving to people that don’t give back to you cuz you been taught to give with no expectations(which is only what you’re told when you’re giving into something or someone that doesn’t plan on personally reciprocating it, and hopes you believe God’ll pick up their tab) and you’ll meet many users, and probably be used all the days of your life if God doesn’t see fit to intervene.. Plus, you don’t love yourself if you allow it. The good book says love thy neighbor as thyself, not more.. So if you give or do and don’t expect, tell me what the hell are you sowing for..


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