Some relationships…

Sometimes we make the mistake of looking at other people’s relationships and making them the standard by which we measure our own; and that’s something that we should never do as a single person or in a relationship. First you are on the outside looking in and you can’t see the whole picture.. And second, you don’t know what they been through to get to where they are or if you’d be willing to go thru those things too.. I met this couple thru my workplace once. They seemed so in the love and I said to myself, mmm, I wanna love like that. She befriends me and when I get to know them, I found out she only went out of her way to befriend me because they were swingers and her husband wanted to sleep with me. Now here is where it gets even more fucked up, they both were HIV+ and his was full blown. And dude had a nerve to get an attitude when I of course expressed no fucking interest in swinging with two sick bitches.. So I’m like God(ok, I’m gonna cuss, smoke, and talk to and about God.. If you don’t like, then my blog is not for your heavenly minded that you’re no earthly good ass) why do you put people in my path like this.. He tells me to meet a need I requested assistance with and that I had to know why they were put in my life for the time being and what they were not put there for and unless I wanted HIV, they were not put in my life for me to be sexually interacting with. So eventually they stopped liking me and doing the favor God had put them there for and it’s was okay, I didn’t need it anymore. But still I felt bad that they would want to do that to me and basically get mad because I wasn’t foolish enough to go there. And I thought it was sad that they ended up that way because she refused to give him any boundaries from the beginning.. Thus, I’ve learned to not judge a relationship book by its cover.. Or envy women that have a lot of men.. Cuz lots of men always run behind a trifling and or weak woman, cuz they like no frills on the commitments or benefits.. And most men never mind sharing, long as they getting what the other dude is getting too. And only a weak and trifling woman is gonna try and be like a dude and do everything he does so she can say she doesn’t care if he cheats cuz she’s getting hers too. That’s just stupid and why even be in a relationship cuz at the end of y’all journey together the only thing y’all are going to have in common is a disease. Now don’t be envying or praying for the kind of man or woman somebody else has, cuz they may not be all they seem to be on the exterior… And you may be quite appalled when you get to know them for who they really are.


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